Detailed information can be found in the Course Overview presentation.

The course is evaluated slightly differently at FIIT STU and FMFI UK.

1 Game Design Document10pt15pt
Describe game mechanics (and story/setting if present) of a new game in the form of a GDD. The idea must be approved beforehand (send idea via email until 22. 10. 2023). Create a GDD and send via email (FMFI students)/upload to AIS (FIIT students) as a PDF document.

Deadline: 29. 10. 2023
2 Idea Pitch5pt5pt
Pitch your idea with a very short presentation (only 2 minutes) during the lecture on 23. 11. 2023. Send your slides via email (FMFI students)/upload to AIS (FIIT students) as PPTX or PDF. Embed all content into the slides (such as videos)!

Deadline: 19. 11. 2023
Presentation: 23. 11. 2022 16:00 and 18:00 during Labs
3 Prototype50pt75pt
Create a game prototype as described in your GDD. You must use Unity & C#.

Deliver everything in a single .zip file. The zip file must contain:

a) The entire Unity project (DO NOT zip the Library folder)
The project must be able to compile & build after extracting the build. You can use any Unity version above Unity 2021, but we recommend the latest Unity LTS release for easier evaluation.

All source code should be reasonably commented – parts that are not completely obvious from the code itself.

Using external scripts, textures, models etc. is ALLOWED. However, major parts of game mechanics must be created by you. All external code must be marked as such with comments.

Team projects must have a project Git repository. Include the corresponding .git directory in the zip (full repository history must be present!). See GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab for free online private repository hosting while developing.

b) Final build of the game
Deliver a playable build in for either Windows (folder with .exe) or Android (apk).

c) A file video.txt containing the link to a YouTube gameplay video (see #4 Gameplay video below)

How the project is submitted differs based on which faculty you are attending.

FMFI students
Send (via email) a Google Drive/Dropbox/OneDrive link to the zip file (or a Git repository). DO NOT use bandwidth limited free file hosting (e.g. uloz.to). Remember that we will download it immediately when received, so altering the files after the submission deadline will have no effect and will not be graded.

FIIT students
Upload to Google Classroom. You will receive an invite link via email. ALL STUDENTS from a team project must submit the same ZIP file, not just one of you. This is for archival purposes.

Deadline: 17. 12. 2023 23:59 (do not submit late and account for long upload times!)
Project discussion (exam): 18. 1. 2024
4 Gameplay Video5pt5pt
Record a 3-minute gameplay video with audio commentary or subtitles and upload it to YouTube (unlisted or public). We will display it in the Project Showcase. We suggest using OBS or the Windows 10 Game Bar to record the video.

Submit it with the project, include the video link in a text file named video.txt

Deadline: 17. 12. 2023 23:59 (send/upload together with prototype)
5 End of Term Test30pt
Only for FIIT students. A test in AIS.

You need to achieve at least 10/30pt, otherwise you fail the exam

Date: 18. 1. 2024 (before project discussion)
Points acquired100 – 9291 – 8382 – 7473 – 6564 – 5655 – 0